Gumnut by Iris is a label by me (Iris Hall) which emphasises and celebrates Australian culture via print design and fashion. Historically, a collective ‘cultural cringe’ has surrounded Australian fashion thus causing many domestic designers to adopt a very Eurocentric view of fashion and trends. However Australian fashion is incredibly unique, and I believe there is a distinct humour and playfulness contained in Australian dress which is embodied by the character of an Australian ‘larrikin’.
Creating Gumnut is an extension from my university thesis as I continue to investigate Australian dress and culture. By focusing on shared cultural experiences such as: iconic places, Australian characters, native flora and language I aim to create a comprehensive, inclusive and light-hearted space which celebrates Australian fashion and culture.
Gumnut is designed in Brisbane, Australia and features products made both in Australia and overseas. In Australia, Gumnut works with local screen-printing studios in Brisbane and local makers to create samples and manufacture bulk.
Due to our scale and the domestic fashion industry we’re currently unable to manufacture 100% of our products in Australia. However, as our label grows we will look into using small-scale factories in Indonesia.
Gumnut is dedicated to constantly improving our supply chain and striving to achieve the most sustainable supply chain possible. By focusing on natural materials and producing quality garments, Gumnut aims to create products that customers will love and treasure for a very long time.
Additionally, in this collection we have used sustainable fibres such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester and we will continue to investigate sustainable textile alternatives.